Riderman Cup 2022

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Riderman Cup 2022

3-day stage race in Bad Durrheim//Schwarzwald//Germany

1. ITT 16 KM | 191 M+
2. 121 KM | 1.990 M+
3. 100 KM | 1.006 M+

Save the date: RiderMan 22 - 24 September 2023

Day 1: Time Trial

16 KM | 191 M+

This weekend our riders start at the 3-Day stage course the Riderman. First up is their time trial and for many it's not about winning the overall, but just beating your friends!

Day 2: Queen Stage

121 KM | 1.990 M+

On day 2 our riders had to ride 120km with 1900hm, the queen stage of this years Riderman. But with the rainy weather conditions things got a bit tougher and more heroic compared with other editions.

Day 3: end in style

100 km | 1.000 M+

Today is the final day of the 2022 Riderman. 100km and "only" 1000m+. But still a selective peloton race on smooth and sloping Schwarzwald roads. We had the chance to follow @rik_sauser during the race in the directors car!